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Have you ever came across this type of people; the one that plays the victim’s role to deceive everyone?
The type that lies, cheats, hurts, and manipulates but always puts on the angel’s face so that no one could figure out the truth?
here’s a poem I wrote about someone I used to know who was playing this role perfectly …

Sometimes you like to play it cool
Twistin’ situations, and changin’ the truth
Sometimes you choose to act like a fool
Complainin’ about the way people treated you …

With an angelic face you tell your lies
Think you can deceive ’em with your pathetic cries
But it’s over now, they all can tell
The truth they can no longer misspell …

At a time you thought you had it all
Then things went wrong, out of control
They can’t be contained, not anymore
The truth is clear, the pain is sore …

Your knife stabbed your closer friends
You’ve changed and got some different trends
Your devilish side seemed to be in control
But, your foolish mistakes revealed it all …

You love to be treated as a tortured victim
Even though you’re not as innocent as you show ’em
Messin’ around is what you do the best
You never get tired or get some rest …

There’ll be no one with whom you can share your time
There’ll be no one to let you cross the line
You’ll end up alone, cryin’ over the wreck
Wonderin’ how things would’ve been if you didn’t play this trick …

Things could’ve been different, but you’ve chosen the wrong way
So don’t blame it on anyone, it’s you who should’ve been blamed
So, just remember there will come a day
When you wake up and realize you lost everything you could’ve simply gained …

Parry El-Wahey © 2012