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Realizing how leaving someone behind you – whether it was a friend or a loved one – was such a huge mistake!!

When I walked away N’ didn’t look back
When I erased the memories that we had ..

When I broke all the promises that one day we made
When I threw myself into a darkness that light can not fade ..

I realized that I made my biggest mistake!

When I gave up on you when you were in need
When I forgot everything you once offered me ..

When I thought I’d be better off without you
When I decided that you’d feel the same way too ..

I realized that I made my biggest mistake!

Your broken heart was all I left behind
With all the pain I caused, you didn’t seem to mind ..

You let go off me when you thought it was better
As if you knew from the start that we can’t be together ..

It’s crazy how something simple could turn us apart
Like there were nothing between us from the start ..

No trust, honesty, or even faith
As I built our relationship on a fake base ..

I should’ve known that lies won’t last forever
And the truth will show up one day like a flooding river ..

Putting the end of you N’ me
Writing the last chapter of our story ..