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Friday comes with a cheerful thought
Of you and all the grace you brought
For me it’s not like any other day
It’s a time to wash my sadness away ..

Saturday comes with happiness and laughter
Remembering the fun we had this day and after
When watching a football game was so much fun
When your team used to win and I just say “I’m done!”

Sunday comes and I remember how you were busy
But even though you were calling, making sure I’m not being lazy
All the work is done, just in time
Everything is just good and fine ..

Monday comes, and the week goes by
Like every great time, that ends with a sigh
Wishing you were here, holding my hand
Knowing that no one will ever understands ..

Tuesday comes and the hard times begin
Trying to block the memories and don’t let ’em in
But sometimes it’s a little bit late
Sometimes it’s just a little hard to take ..

Wednesday comes with a knowing smile
A smile I used to have once in a while
With a glimpse of caring, tenderness and love
I remember you and it’s somehow enough ..

Thursday comes and the week is over
Yet I still feel like a lucky clover
For having the chance to be close to you
For knowing what the earthy angels do ..

Parry El-Wahey Β© 2012