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Well, this post is perhaps more different from the previous ones I made because it’s about my ROLE MODEL when it comes to my second top obsession in my life “TENNIS” πŸ˜€
So, the following lines were the first that came to my mind when I decide to write something about the “Best Tennis Player Ever” Roger Federer, my inspiration …

    Stars are said to be scattered along the sky
    Impossibly out of reach even if you tried to fly ..

    Only one star has dropped from there
    Shining it’s light everywhere ..

    A light reflecting the determination and steadiness
    Of a man whose talents granted him greatness ..

    In a world of competitions and ranks
    He came to change all the obvious facts ..

    By writing the history of Tennis with his own hands
    Aiming to remain the last one stands ..

    Challenging records and breaking the rules
    Fighting to reach the pleasant goals ..

    The magic begins once he starts the game
    And with each passing minute, his competitors show no restraints ..

    He sets us on fire with every ball he hits
    Making us jump and scream whenever he wins a set ..

    With a remarkable style he leaves us breathless
    Cause the joy of watching him is completely endless ..

    He has a kind of peRFection that no one else has
    Enabling him to correct the situations whenever they get bad ..

    Some games may get out of his control
    Forcing him to take a step back after all ..

    Yet he never disappoint his loyal fans
    As he pulls himself back as quickly as he can ..

    Regardless the ups and downs, he’s always the best
    He’ll remain Roger Federer; the Greatest Tennis Legend ..

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Parry El-Wahey Β© 2012