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This poem was originally made for a writing contest “Picture Worth Your Words Contest” http://ashscrapyard.wordpress.com/2012/01/06/picture-worth-your-words-contest/

Picture Prompt#1

    My Last Breath

    It’s cold out there
    I feel so insecure ..
    Without you by my side
    There’s a pain I can’t endure ..

    I keep looking everywhere
    Dying to find you ..
    But you’re nowhere in sight
    I feel the urge to follow you ..

    I know it’s not your fault
    You didn’t want it to be this way ..
    You left me with no other choice
    But to think of this every single day ..

    To be with you, whatever it takes
    To cross the borders between life and death ..
    To throw myself in your arms
    Even if it means taking my last breath ..

Parry El-Wahey Β© 2012