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A couple of days ago I’ve been watching television. I had the remote control in hand and I started moving from one channel to another hoping to find something interesting. I ended up watching a Jim Carry’s movie “Bruce Almighty”. Even that I’m not a fan of Jim Carry, but I told myself: “Why not, at least it’s something comedy and Morgan Freeman is there too!”
Anyway, I watched the movie for almost 10 minutes and then I heard them!
Those 11 words that left me entranced!

“Since when anyone have got a clue to what they want?”

A simple line that Morgan Freeman blurted out quickly, but I got it very clear.
My attention has been caught and I couldn’t seem to stop thinking about it!

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Is it really true that nobody has a clue to what they want?

Are we supposed to keep searching for the things that can make us happy and fulfilled, or should we make them ourselves?

Would it be possible to have what we really need in hand and still long for more?

Is it hard to know what our hearts desire?!

My mind went on an overdrive trying to find some answers to those questions and many others…
It seemed to me that he was right. Nobody knows what they want!

It’s complicated though! You see, you wake up everyday thinking about hundreds of stuff; your responsiblities, your job, your family, your problems, your friends, and many other things but somehow you forget to think for a moment:
“What Do I Really Want?”

    Do I want to be happy or miserable?

    Do I need to work more or have a break to relax?

    Do I need to change my lifestyle?

    Do I miss anything that would make me feel better?

    Do I long for fame, money, and recognition? Or peace of mind and spiritual bliss?

Most of the time we’re being lost in the chaos of our daily routine. We seem to forget that our minds need to think and decide things on their own without being affected with those loads of problems that we have to face everyday. For my suprise, I found that all this applies to me too, and I realized that I have a lot to think about if I’m ever going to know what do I really want …

So as a start, let’s try to get ourselves only 10 minutes out of our daily busy schedules to set in a quite relaxed place, clear our minds, look back into our life so far, and think about what we already have and what we really want ..

Just give it a try and see if it works. If it’s ever gonna help you to know What Your Heart Desires!

Parry El-Wahey © 2012