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“We’re All Hypocrites!!!”

Sorry if my article sounded a little offensive to any of you, but truth to be told, after years of observations I believe that most of us act Hypocritically!
Let me ask you these questions:

Have you ever felt that you’re a Hypocrite?

Ever said or done something that goes against your believes?

Ever asked or advised somebody to do or abstain from something when you can’t even do it yourself, knowing that it’s the right thing?

Have you ever contradicted your own values with your own deeds and words?

Some may answer with: “No.” to all of the former questions, some other may say: “Yes, sometimes.”, and some may say: “Well, it’s not like that!”
Whatever the answer may be, sometimes we find ourselves standing on the edge of Hypocrisy whether we mean it or not.

Hypocrisy appears in many forms a person can or can’t imagine; in Religion, work, politics, and of course social conduct.

In Religion:

As Muslims, we’re prohibited from acting hypocritically, obliged to be truthful with ourselves first and with other people afterwards, and to let our outside reflect our inside sincerely. Yet some Muslims fall deeply down the wrong way without even recognizing it!
I’ll recall a situation happened 4 years ago, my English teacher was giving us a class about how the Muslims should deal with people who believe in other religions, how to follow the merciful and respectful teachings of the prophet Muhammad – peace be upon him – and deal with everyone with respect and kindness as long as they don’t offend Islam and it’s teachings. And after 5 minutes exactly, I found him saying that: “As MUSLIMS we’re suppose to LIMIT our dealings with those who believe in other religions as much as we can, and let’s start with this; don’t trade with them, trade with Muslims instead!!!”
Ironically, my teacher’s cell phone line is from a company owned by a CHRISTIAN businessman, and ran by a majority of CHRISTIANS as well!
I can state hundreds of situations like this; where people blame their religions on their own mistakes and racism, knowing that the core of all religions is respect and mercy.

What's ISLAM ... By: Aradezignz

Social Hypocrisy:

We can keep talking nonstop about this kind of Hypocrisy. See how some people smile at your face and treat you like a dear one when they’re in need for something you can give, but once they’re done with you, you’re HISTORY!
It takes place between neighbors, colleagues, and even family members!

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In The Workplace:

There’s a situation that we almost see it everyday; when employees try to step on their managers’ shoulders to get a promotion or a raise in their salary, even when they don’t stand looking at them and once they turn their back they don’t stop insulting and calling them with the worst names!

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In Politics:

Recalling the reactions of some public figures, actors, and actress during the “Revolution Of Wrath” in Egypt … January 25, 2011

Day One:

They appeared on the televisions yelling and screaming, asking the President – at the time – Mubarak to step down and let us free, because WE can’t take HIM and HIS regime anymore … 30 years are more than ENOUGH!

Day Two:

After the speech Mubarak gave that made it clear he’s not leaving his position, the same faces, the same voices were on the television once more, but this time were saying:
“Mubarak is OUR protector, OUR hero, OUR leader, and OUR EVERYTHING! And as for those TRAITORS in the Tahrir Square, shut up and don’t ever think you can destroy our country, what you’re doing is POINTLESS!”
It shocked me how they changed in a matter of a night and day, how they didn’t respect and commit to their words whatever the consequences, and how they said that the people in the Tahrir Square are HEROES one day, then in the very next day they turned to be TRAITORS!
Don’t know why they did this, whether they were afraid that Mubarak’s regime will hurt them once it gets back it’s strength and that it’s still very strong or whatever, at the end they’re all on the “Revolution’s Black List” that gathers all Mubarak’s supporters …

Talking about Hypocrisy will never end; it seems to have strong roots deep inside the peoples’ souls and the only way we can get over it is by living a “One-Sided Life”, to be “One-Faced Persons”, and to let our outside reflects what we feel, believe, and think inside.
It’s the time to forget about the masks we change everyday, and wear the same face permanently. Don’t live a double life that will hurt no one as much as it’s going to hurt you.

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Parry El-Wahey Β© 2012