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Six years ago I used to go for a daily early jog – ahem, that was before my awesome college took me away from doing my favorite routine – alone or with one of my neighbors. I was very familiar with the other joggers since I see them everyday but I didn’t get their names.

This day was no different, my neighbor and I was on our way to jog as usual and she wasn’t a fast jogger so I had to slow down a little to let her keep up with my steps. And before reaching the track that we use for jogging something different happened …

One of the old joggers was passing us by, I didn’t know his name or anything about him except that he jogs daily after dawn, finishes his round before I start mine at 6:30, and keeps exercising till he reaches his home. I couldn’t guess his age but I thought he’s retired and probably above 60.

Anyway, he noticed my neighbor and me walks a little slow so he started joking with us.
“Oh girls, you look like two old ladies talking about their hell of kids when you walk this way!” he started.
“Come on, hurry up a little. I don’t know what’s wrong with your generation, you keep acting like old people and you seem to lose your passion for life! And look at me, maybe I’m the same age as your grandfathers but I feel so young inside. Just live your age and enjoy it!” he finished talking giving us a warm smile and left to continue his daily exercising routine.

My neighbor and I were smiling during this brief moment and laughing from the way he said that we look like two old ladies and once he left us we went to jog like we’ve never done it before!

I was really impressed with this man. I used to watch him long time ago and wishing to be like him when I’m old. I loved how he loved life and tried to enjoy it and get the best of it without thinking that he’s too old to enjoy. I loved his stamina because compared to our generation he looked strong, full of life and had sparkling eyes that reflected his happiness and satisfaction of what he has and what he can do.

Since that day, I learned one of the most important lessons in my life:

A person’s age is just a useless number that only counts the number of years he/she has spent on earth. It has no significant importance unless we gave it one ourselves. It doesn’t matter if you’re 15 or 75, it doesn’t matter if your skin was smooth or if was wrinkled, it doesn’t matter if you still work or if you’re retired, because as long as you’re feeling young in the heart as long as you’re really young. As long as you’re willing to live your life to the fullest and enjoy it before it ends as long as you’ll do just that.

I learned not to care about my age like most girls and women do, I only try to live and make the best of my time, and I don’t hide it for the fear of getting old and admitting it. I say how old I’m with no hesitation and I believe that what constrains me is not this number, but my own mind instead.

Dear fellow jogger, thank you!

Parry El-Wahey © 2012