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I wanted to have a new routine, one that’s useful and encourages me to go through my day happily. That’s why I decided to follow the steps of one of my FB friends. She used to have a daily status update called “Today I’m Thankful For …” where she shares with her friends something she’s thankful for having and ask them to share what they’re thankful for too.

Needless to say, the idea is so inspiring and has many benefits.

    First of all, it’s a way of thanking GOD for his numerous gifts for us.
    Second; it’s a way to look at the bright side of our life. Stress and problems tend to make us believe that life is so unfair and see everything looks black, but when we give ourselves the time to realize how blessed and fortunate we are, we create a positive and peaceful atmospher to help lifts our spirits when things go bad.
    And third; it gives us the chance to notice how many things we have that other people may be deprived from so that we feel how their life is hard and try to help them as much as we can.

So, starting from tomorrow, I’ll be sharing with you what I’m thankful for everytime I come across my computer. Feel free to leave a comment sharing what you’re thankful for, or make a post on your own blog and share with your followers what you’re thankful for … Let’s spread the idea and create a much thankful and grateful community, and end each of our days with a contented SMILE (=

Peace & Love