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Lately, I’ve been nominated by great and outstanding bloggers for many awards but I didn’t get the chance to reply them and accept their kind gestures properly which what I’m trying to do now 🙂

    The Candle Lighter & One Lovely Blog Awards:

I’ve been nominated again for these awards by one of my favorite bloggers Rana Armoush … Rana’s blog is one that you won’t be able to stop yourself from taking a look at every possible time! Amazing writing and various interesting content. Sometimes I don’t find the words to describe it!! 🙂
Thank you a lot Rana, I highly appreciate it 🙂

And since there are no specific rules for to these two awards I’d love to cease the opportunity and nominate one of the best blogs I came across:


    Liebster Blog Award

Here it comes, another award nomination I recieved from my fellow blogger Ahmad Khalifa ~ Life In A Nutshell … Thank you a lot Ahmad 🙂

Now here are the rules for this award:

    1. Thank the fellow blogger who nominated you. “DONE”
    2. List five blogs that has impacted your writing in a positive manner, by virtue of comments, posts, inspirations etc.
    3. Leave comments on those blogs letting them know of the nominations
    4. Post the award in your blog.
    5. Bask in the love of fellow bloggers and spread joy and inculcate good karma.

I’d love to forward this award to the following amazing bloggers who had the greatest impact on me and my writing style:

I’ll be posting comments on the nominees blogs to let them know about their nominations soon ..

Thanks again and congratulations to all 🙂

Peace & Love