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I took Step One,
Began to moan
I can’t do this one
On my own.

I took Step Two,
Began to pray
Restore me God
Please now, today.

I took Step Three,
Gave up my will
Maybe God could
Love me still.

I took a Fourth,
I looked inside
Nothing more
Would I hide.

And on the Fifth,
I said aloud
I’ve done some wrong
And I’m not proud.

I took Step Six,
And got prepared
To lose the defects,
I was scared.

Now I’m at Seven,
Take them away
My God, for this
I do pray.

And on Eight,
The list was long
Amends to make
For all the wrongs.

I took Step Nine,
Put down my pride
Amends made,
I will not hide.

Step Ten I take,
Each day I pray
I make amends
Along the way.

And on Eleven,
I pray to know
Each day His Will,
Which way to go.

I take Step Twelve,
I’m like a bird
To others now,
I spread the word.

By: Anonymous